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Getting Started

tt-exchange gives eligible UK charities access to major technology companies' donation programmes, including Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec and Adobe.


The average qualified charity saves £6,885 on technology products over the course of their tt-exchange membership and it's completely free to register your organisation.

Before you register, it's worth noting the following:

  • Registration must be completed by an employee of the registering charity. No communication will be undertaken with third parties.
  • We can only accept the registered details for a charity that are published on its regulating bodies’ websites (e.g. the Charity Commission of England & Wales, Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, etc.). Please check these details are correct before you begin the registration process.
  • Key information concerning your registration and any donation requests will be emailed to the email address published on your charity’s regulating body website. Please ensure this is correct and you have access to this email address before you begin the process.
  • Any hardware will be despatched to the address published on your charity’s regulating body website. Please make sure this is correct before placing any donation request. Please also notify us if this address changes before making any donation requests.