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1 x 50,000 free emails to be used within three months

tt-mail product
SKU: TT-20161
Price: £2.00 + VAT



tt-mail is an email marketing service for charities provided by the charity Tech Trust.

It gives charitable organisations access to the Dotmailer email marketing platform at cut-rate prices. The upshot is integrated automation, segmentation and reporting that doesn’t break the bank.


Free 50,000 emails through tt-exchange

Charities registered on tt-exchange that sign up for a new tt-mail account can request a voucher and will benefit from free 50,000 emails to use within 3 months.  This exclusive offer is for a limited number of charities and is on a first come, first served basis.  If charities wish to carry on using their tt-mail account, they can then buy in 12 months bulk email allowance at discounted rates.


Platform features

Dotmailer’s email platform contains features for automation, segmentation, spam checking and building templates as standard. It has an open API, allowing you to integrate it with other platforms too.

For a full list of platform features, click here



tt-mail operates on a pay-per-send model, meaning you only pay for the emails you send - not for hosting contacts. You are not charged for hosting contacts, meaning you can use the platform as a simple CRM platform and host as many contacts as you like.  Contact us to find out more about pricing and our charges.


Frequently asked questions

Will you charge me for adding subscribers into my account?

No. As opposed to some other email platforms, you only have to pay for the emails that you send out through tt-mail – not for hosting your contact data.

What payment options are available?

We offer an annual bulk-buy option that requires payment upfront, which allows you to choose when you send your emails throughout the year. In certain circumstances, this payment can be split into two instalments. Contact us to find out more.

What happens if I run out of my email allowance before my annual contract has finished?

We’ll flag up that you might need to purchase more email credits a couple of months before you run out of your allowance. We can then start a new 12-month contract with you for the amount that you wish to buy again. If you reach the end of your 12 months and you have email credits left, you won’t be able to roll these over to the next 12 months.

Do I have to pay extra for send-time optimisation, spam checkers, signup forms or subject-line split-testing?

No! They all come included in the platform, along with a host of other useful features that help clients get the most out of their campaigns.




This product is cloud-based so no additional hardware or software are required. The platform works best on Firefox or Chrome browsers.

All data is held in the UK and not overseas.

Rules, Eligibility & Restrictions


This offering is available to all charitable organisations that are fully qualified on tt-exchange.

Please note: vouchers cannot be used with existing tt-mail accounts.